Surabhi Silks

project description

This brand promotion project surabhi silks started from the year 2016. Founders of the groups need a simple and elegant logo and identities. Surabhi brand promotion projects consist of logo design, outdoor print promotion, vehicle branding, shopping cover design, online promotion and all other brand identities designs.  We also suggest a tag line that intention to Malayalam audience “ Suntharamavattey Aagoshangal” that means ‘Makes your celebration beautiful ’. Surabhi has the most extensive collection of clothing for women, men and Teens. The brand from surabhi group and in surabhi mall, Ramanattukara and now it is the largest silk show room in Ramanattukara, Calicut.

Client: Surabhi Groups

brand promotion Surabhi silks logo
Surabhi silks shopper-brand promotion
brand promotion surabhi
brand promotion and invitation design
brand promotion pearly maaney invitation design